Financial Solutions

We specialize in fiduciary money management, portfolio construction, and asset allocation, through the use and understanding of technical analysis and ongoing market research. We focus on growing your assets during upward-trending markets with the goal of protecting your assets during downward-trending markets.
What We Offer - Portfolio Management

Fiduciary Discretionary Money Management
Individual, Joint and Trust Investment Accounts
Traditional IRAs
Roth IRAs
Roth IRA Conversions
Inherited IRAs
401K, 403B, and 457 Transfers
UGMA/UTMA Accounts
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance
Financial Planning
Model Asset Allocation Portfolios
Account Consolidations
Referrals to CPAs and Attorneys
Ongoing Monitoring of Market Risk
Annual Portfolio Rebalancing
Bi-Monthly Newsletter and Video
Face to Face Annual Portfolio Reviews
Plattner Asset Management
Meetings are conducted by appointment only